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Frankie Forman is a young artist from London who has been singing and making music for a while. It’s now high time for you to meet her, as she has her debut studio album coming out this year. She has just released the first single « Steel bound sound » (watch the video here) from her forthcoming album which title is Kid. Also you can just enjoy a moment here with her, while listening to some music she’s been posting on her Soundcloud personal page, just for us to discover her a little before the big moment arrives…


Some years ago, the book 1001 albums you must hear before you die was published with lots of albums and artists missing. What would be the albums or artists that in your opinion everyone should have listened to in their life ?

Frankie Forman : Leonard Cohen ‘You Want It Darker’ ; Bowie ‘Black Star’.

What music, artists or albums have inspired or inspire you ?

FF : Brock Berrigan─he’s relatively still unknown but I think he’s the greatest producer/artist of our time. ‘Chapter 10’ and ‘Two AM’ are my favourite albums.

alt-J, Glass Animals.

I’ve been playing around with technology a lot over the last year so these guys keep me inspired to explore new things. Along with my very first influence Portishead of course─but these 3 are on loop quite a lot, along with a bunch of playlists on Soundcloud of some of the best unknown artists─Madcolour, Panda Dub, Le Melodist, etc.


What books, films did you love reading, watching and could have inspired or influenced you in your life ?

FF : Books–Françoise Sagan ‘Bonjour Tristesse’.Henry Miller ‘Tropic Of Cancer’. George Orwell ‘Down And Out In Paris And London’. Patti Smith ‘Just Kids’. Anthony Kiedis ‘Scar Tissue’.

What living artists (literature, cinema, painting, etc.) influence you ?

FF : Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, Frida Kahlo, Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen.

They really capture the struggles of their time and being a woman and mental health and the issues that come with children or no children which is fascinating to me anyway─they both poured their pain into an art form and had such a significant stamp of individuality on their work.


What country, city or just place in the world is inspiring or essential to you ?

FF : Paris─I lived there for nearly two years when I was forming as a person and I can’t ever leave it too long between visits. It’s taught me how to try and be feminine and powerful at the same time, and to always create art no matter what age or situation, to always be passionate and not give a fuck about things that can crush your confidence.

What music have you been listening to recently ?

FF : I’ve been listening to a lots of Leonard Cohen since he died, I grew up listening to him constantly, his voice is my childhood, and watching him live in 2007 with my dad was still one of my best gigs to date.

U.S. singer Leonard Cohen during a concert

Among all your work, what song(s) would you like to mention in particular ?

FF : I think my best ‘love’ song I’ve written is “Wanderer”─I wrote it in 5 minutes and it’s so simple, I didn’t want to fuck with it. Maybe also “Steel bound soul”. Also “Sand” was a happy accident/rapid emotional outpour.

I’m about to release my first album and I think my favourite but probably most depressing song is “Hideous parasite” I loved making it─it’s captured my mood at the time perfectly─it’s not a crowd pleaser though. “Kid” is the one that represents the album as a whole, and it makes me happy in my guts.

What do you think of yourself as a female artist ? For instance, what do you think of this question, since no one would ever ask this to a male artist ?

FF : I’m getting used to that being ‘a thing’ now─I never had too many issues with it until I started doing music, it’s very much a mans world, and you can’t try and be a man─you have to accept your differences but aim for complete equality, if you start trying to change yourself it all goes wrong─embrace your feminine ways and let guys be guys─just don’t let anyone put you down or treat you badly.

Oscar Wilde ended his Preface to Dorian Gray with the sentence  »All art is quite useless’’. What do you think about its meaning today, considering it came from a man who was essentially, if not only, an artist ?

FF : If you think of things from that angle of course everything can be useless, we’re all going to die, we should all get over ourselves, etc. But on a day to day basis art is essential─it’s what takes you out of your darkest moments and pushes you into the new. It makes us feel understood. It’s everywhere and we need it to survive. Poetry I think is especially important, people have said things centuries ago that hold a huge amount of relevance to our lives today.



Interview with Frankie Forman for heepro.wordpress.com, 12th April 2017


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